Property management

We form communities, prepare budgets, manage repairs, prepare minutes and send them (in English, German and Spanish).

Legal advice

We are professional lawyers and advise on legal or legal issues of the Community. We can also advise you personally.

Economic monitoring

We perform collections management, nonpayments, we manage extrajudicial charges and inform the Community of the economic situation.

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Who we are

We are a business dedicated to the administration of community properties since 1994. We manage more than three thousand properties that support our management. We seek cost savings for the Communities and effectiveness in the tasks entrusted. We have the collaboration of professional teams of the main trades electricity, plumbing, masonry, antennas, etc…. which enable us to cover the needs of a Community in terms of repairs and works.
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The people who make up the company are specialized professionals with mastery of several languages.

The representatives of the firm are:

Germán Juaristi Navascués

Lawyer and administrator (affiliation number nº 1283)

María Rua Almuiña

Social Graduate

Our Services

Constitution of the communities, and legalizing of the official books
Elaborating the budgets, with incomes and expenses
Controlling all the necessary repairs, and notification to the president
Elaborating and passing the receipts of community fees
Control and information of the financial situation of the community
Control and information of the state of the unpaid fees, steps previous to court action to obtain payment of the outstanding fees
Offering legal advice in any questions relating to the community
Summoning of the General meetings, with personal assistance to the meetings of the Administrator and Lawyer, and translator to English and German when necessary
Transcription of the minutes of the meetings, and the translation to English and German when necessary
Any necessary contacts with Public Organisms etc

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